Are you looking to add a splash of colour to your bed, sofa or outdoor living area? Then cushions are a great place to start. We have a range of different styles, from a chic round cushion to bold printed lumber cushions, so you’ll soon find something you love.

Shop decorative cushions at our Brisbane store

The Sunday Society boutique in Coorparoo, Brisbane, boasts a robust collection of designer items to browse through. If you’re one of those shoppers who prefer to see and feel products in person before buying, why not pop in to see the range of decorative cushions we offer? Our team of design-loving home décor experts are always happy to offer a helping hand when you shop at our Brisbane boutique.

Designer cushions online

The Sunday Society online store has a wide-ranging collection of beautiful designer cushions to suit every taste. No matter what your décor style, we have the right decorative cushions to tie a room together. From tropical print cushions perfectly encapsulating island vibes to luxurious velvet cushions for a refined mid-century style, our online store has it all.

How to decorate with cushions

Decorative cushions are a tremendous way of adding a touch of personality to your classic, long-lasting pieces. As cushions are a smaller décor investment that takes up less attention in the room than your larger pieces, they are the perfect opportunity to show off your individual style!

Add a pop of colour to complement a calm colour palette, show your artistic taste with designer prints or get playful with unique textures and materials. Cushions are the type of pieces that are easily switched around to change the mood of a room, making them any home decorator’s best friend.

Sticking to all similar size and shape cushions can easily look a little bland and old-fashioned. To achieve an effortless and fresh look, try using an odd number of cushions. Mix and match different sizes and shapes by placing the smaller cushions in front of the larger ones. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try something new – decorative cushions are the perfect way to experiment with a new style without changing too much too soon! Once your decorative cushion arrangement is set, you’ll have the most gorgeous, cosy nest to sit back and relax.

About Sunday Society

Sunday Society is a local Australian business based in Coorparoo, Brisbane. Run by Jann and Eliza, a mother-daughter duo who are passionate about anything and everything in the interior design world. With a brick-and-mortar boutique in Brisbane and an online store delivering to all of Australia and various other countries as well, we are excited to bring our selection of beautiful homewares to more people.

Do you need a little bit of help with how to decorate and style your home? The Sunday Society team is here to help! With years of experience in interior design and styling, we can help you choose the perfect pieces to match your style. Enquire today at

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      Nightwatch Cushion

      Think Moroccan Medina, archways, stairs and hidden doorways with striking patinas. This gorgeous abstract cushion will take you there. Chose the luxury of the Archway and Etro velvet cushions to pair...

      Etro Cushion

      A designer staple range is the Etro Velvet Cushion.  Use the soft velvet Etro to add a touch of luxurious texture to any space.   Mix and match the timeless velvet cushions...

      Archway Cushion

      Think Moroccan Medina, archways, stairs and hidden doorways with striking patinas. This gorgeous abstract cushion will take you there. Chose the luxury of the Nightwatch and Etro velvet cushions to pair back...

      Sian Cushion

      Bring those vacation vibes home with this gorgeous palm printed cushion! Just what your home needs! Oh and have we mentioned the heavenly plumpness of this feather insert, it's a game changer!  60cm...

      Terrazzo Cushion

      This little textured beauty is the perfect neutral cushion, it has tiny flecks of colour throughout its shaggy texture, just like colour is sprinkled in terrazzo.  Dimensions: 40x60cm

      Seoni Cushion

      Let this cushion take you to a jungle oasis in its two alternative colours, with cotton/linen blend fabric and a neutral fringe to finish off the style, this feather cushion is...

      Striata Cushion

      Who doesn't love a stripey cushion?! We are huge fans of classic styles like stripes and textures to act as a base when putting cushions together.  The Striata does just that...

      Iwaki Cushion

      Who said white has to be boring?! This feather filled cushion is beautifully detailed in rows of fringing, pompoms, and decorative stitching. Dimensions: 50x50CM

      Striped Velvet Cushion

      Ah peaches and cream... name a better combo! This feature cushion is crafted from delicious velvet, ready to make your home a sweet dream! Dimensions: 40x60 cm

      Suzette Shag Cushion

      Talk about a fun cushion, the team at SAGE + CLARE just know how to nail the 70's style! The Suzette Shag cushion features hand-dyed azure, cantaloupe, & hazelnut long pile wool...

      Mara Black Palms Cushion

      This decadent cushion is handcrafted from embossed bronze silk and black linen, hand-embroidered and then hand-hammered to make a truly striking cushion.  Each cushion takes two weeks to lovingly craft, and a...

      Dash Cushion

      A perfect base cushion, with its simple pattern creating a textured look.  Available in two beautiful colours. Dimensions: 50x50cm

      Floor Cushion

      Soft Velvet Floor Cushion with patterned linen piping! This is a fave from our collection of SAGE + CLARE! Available in 3 funky colours! 

      Zeber Cushion

        This beautiful cushion is a stand-out statement piece.   Made in Belgium, it comes with a luxurious feather insert. 55x55cm MUST HAVE!!!!

      Baba Cushion

      The Baba cushion is hand embroidered with an Aburba inspired pattern.  The luxurious ivory cotton contrasts beautifully with the deep black linen Feather insert for that added opulence.

      Velvet Amber Linen Cushion

      Cushion with an amber velvet front and a natural line back.  Dimension available: 55x55cm & 40x 60cm

      $70.40 – $72.95 Select optionsSelect options

      Sanchez Velvet Cushion

      velvet cushion with a gorgeous vintage jungle print in warm yellows, pinks and greens. Dimensions available : 55x55cm & 40x60cm

      Salvador Cushion

      The Salvador outdoor cushion has a contrasting double sided digital print. A stripe design one side and tropical on the other. A perfect piece to create some patterned flare in your...

      Sirena Cushion

      The Sirena outdoor cushion has been designed with a double sided digital print in a reverse pattern. Mix this design to create pattern on pattern or style on its own. 

      Saint Cushion

      The saint outdoor cushion is a bold stripe digital print. A perfect piece to create some patterned flare in your styling. Available in five colour ways.

      Palmier Cushion

      The Palmier outdoor cushion is a bold botanical digital print. A perfect piece to create some patterned flare in your styling.

      Malta Cushion

      The Malta outdoor cushion has a doubled sided striped digital design. To be styled on either side to suit your room or mood. 

      Lystrea Cushion

      The Lystrea outdoor cushion is a bold botanical print. A perfect piece to create some patterned flare in your styling. Available in two colour ways.  This cushion is sure to inject...

      Luego Silver Cushion

      The Luego outdoor cushion is a bold botanical print. A perfect piece to create some patterned flare in your styling. We're certainly going bananas for this one! Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm ...

      Vintage Wash Cushion

      Our soft, stone washed 100% cotton Vintage Wash cushions are designed with a contemporary embroidered pattern and come with a feather insert. Dimensions: Small 40xm  60cm Medium 60cm x 60cm 

      $95.00 – $125.00 Select optionsSelect options

      Iver Spot Cushion

      Gorgeous Feather Cushions, tufted semi-circle design in both a crisp white and mustard spice colours. Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm

      Anke Diamond Cushion

      These cushions are handmade in India using 100% cotton. Feather insert is included. This gorgeous cushion is tufted with mustard spice, natural and black cotton. Dimensions: 40x40cm  

      Jungla Leopard Cushion

      Beautiful satin cushion with a timeless Leopard design. Featuring a cream piping and natural linen back, with a feather insert.  He's gorgeous isn't he?! Dimensions: 50 x 50